2014 Events
Mexican American Tournament January 18, 2014

Winners of Mexican American

Team Event




Winners of Mexican American

Doubles Event




4th: Place

Mei Than

Marissa Mendo

Mike Nuanes

Sergio Ortiz Jr

Charles Jones


5th Place:

Joyce Taylor

Brian Bean

John Jara

Michael Rhoades

Janice Taylor




4th Place:

Sylvia Williams

Alan Taylor


5th Place:

Marissa Mendo

Michael Nuanes


6th Place:

Sylvia Alaniz

Anthony Sneed


1st Place:

Paul Murchison

Kristina Martin

Maika Winkler

Eladio Montoya

Chris Alvarez


2nd Place:

Lai Saelee

Gina Bonita

Eladio Montoya

Dave Panelli

Jesse Single


3rd Place

Julio Perez

Andie Nuanes

Larry Rabbon

Bonnie Garber

Tom Nuanes II


6th Place:

Becky Ochoa

Michelle Alvarez

Moe Padilla

Steve Rivera

Fred Rivera


7th Place:

Mei Than

Sergio Ortiz Jr

Susan Anecito

Larry Anecito

TH Hall



1st Place:

Lai Saelee

Eladio Montoya


2nd Place:

Deborah Horn

Chris Alvarez


3rd Place:

Gina Bonita

Jesse Sindle



Sons In Retirement Tournament January 21, 2014

Winners of SIRS

Division A




Winners of SIRS

Division B




Winners of SIRS

Division C




1st Place:

Steve Szasz              748


2nd Place:

Bruce Jacobson      725


3rd Place:

Harry Brown          705


4th Place:

Gary Kaufmann     704


5th Place:

John Walker           703


6th Place:

Art Lopez                694

1st Place:

Eric Carr                 783


2nd Place:

John Carlson          764


3rd Place:

Jeff Brockman       760


4th Place:

Bill Bayer               739


5th Place:

George Moreno     722 


1st Place:

Helen Gamez         783


2nd Place:

Patricia Witten      713


3rd Place:

Ester Takeuchi       709


Youth Bowlers Tour Chuck Seifert Memorial Open January 26, 2014





It was AWESOME! 143 bowlers. 9 per pair but everyone did fine with the longer day. We added a Girls Scratch Division and we had 26 girls bowl in that division. Great start to bringing girls scratch bowling back to Nor Cal.


Congrats to everyone who bowled and to the scholarship winners. $5,290.00 awarded today.


Bronze champ Reece Parungao. Silver champ was Kyle Goodwin. Gold champ Matthew Gallagher. Girls Scratch champ Danyn Terry.

Super Bowl XLVIII February 2, 2014
Crab Feed 3rd Annual February 14, 2014
Annual TNBA Tournament April 19, 2014

Winners of Doubles Event





Winners Team Event




1st Place: Livingston / Hilliard

2nd Place: Moppins / Scott

3rd Place: Hogan /Daroy

4th Place: Shelton / Taylor

5th Place: Thomas / Hall

6th Place: Arthen-Smith / Rhodes

7th Place: Ath / Pogoso

8th Place: Quarles / Quarles

9th Place: Jones / Jones

10th Place: Gomez / Petaia

11th Place: Gay / Truell

12th Place: Morris /Jones Jr

13th Place: Bryant / Bryant

14th Place: Jones / Williams

15th Place: Lewis / Freeman

1st Place: Bay Area Bowlers

2nd Place: Clap Clap $

3rd Place: Thunderballs #3

4th Place: Show Me The Money

5th Place: Double D Team

6th Place: Cash Money

7th Place: Spirit Of Aloha

8th Place: Moppins Jr.

8th Place: Zodiac Stars #1

10th Place: The Strikers #1

11th Place: Thunderballs #6

11th Place: Muni Madness #1

13th Place: Loose In Tight Out

  • TNBA 10 AM Team Event


  • TNBA 1 PM Doubles Event


  • TNBA 5 PM Team Event


Big Bang June 29, 2014

Winners of Big Bang




5th Place: The Bushwhackers

Shawn Oliva

Tristan Escove

Joe Escove


6th Place: Szasz's Boyz

Steve Szasz

Robert Ferrera

Matt Graham


7th Place: Don't Give a Split

Constanza Kendall

Paola Arevalo

Jack Kendall


8th Place: 3 Assassins

Randall Edmonds

Larry Dyson

Mushy Machado

1st Place: Bowl Job

Sergio Ortiz Jr.

Robert Garcia

Johnathan Tanner III


2nd Place: Godoy

Travis Morris

Harrison Fong

Armando Godoy


3rd Place: Moutray

Kyle Moutray

Nicole Dinubilo

Joel Snyder



Aiden Castrence

Kevin Amodo

Kioni Sodaria

Big Kahuna August 23, 2014

Winners of the Big Kahuna




Scratch Tournament

1st Place: Jeff Kegyes

2nd Place: Harold Sohrweide

3rd Place: Scott Hansel

4th Place: Larry Dyson

5th Place: Mushy Machado

6th Place: Kioni Sodaria

7th Place: Anthony Sneed

8th Place: Ray Saiz Jr

9th Place: John Varela


Handicap Tournament

1st Place: Sylvia Alaniz

2nd Place: Johnathan Tanner

3rd Place: Mary Morales

4th Place: Percy Maragos

5th Place: Robert Ferrara

6th Place: David Gamble

7th Place: Ed Santos

8th Place: Nicole Dinubilo

9th Place: Jackie Hilliard

10th Place: Maile Sodaria

11th Place: Tony Novaresi

12th Place: Pat Bugarin

13th Place: Joanne Gonzales

14th Place: Sergio Ortiz Jr

15th Place: TJ Alaniz


Low Ball November 23, 2014

Winners of Low Ball




5th Place: Queens Trouble

Johnny Rose

Frank Rose

Mike Mathews


6th Place: Big, Bad, & Ugly

Jason Young

John Foppiano

Keith Freeman


7th Place: Three Turkeys

Jerry Humphres

Linda Humphres

Ray Thompson



1st Place: Bowl Job

Ed Santos

Johnathan Tanner III

Eric Benz


2nd Place: Turkey Basters

Ryan Jimenez

Michael Harper

Trudy Trovinger


3rd Place: The Dudes A's

Joanne Gonzalez

Steve Smith

Dave Bolles


4th Place: Jacob's Heart

Jeff Senecal

Jim Dinubilo

Nicole Dinubilo

300/800 Invitational December 07, 2014

Every year we invite all of our bowlers that have bowled a 300 or 800 that continue to support Pacific Avenue Bowl, to bowl in our annual 300/800 Invitational Tournament. This year Pacific Avenue Bowl added $2500.00 to the prize fund, to thank our bowlers for their continued support throughout the year. This year’s turnout was incredible, we had 60 bowlers come out and bowl 6 games. This year we invited two junior bowlers with one of this placing 11th place in the Handicap Division.

During the tournament this year we had some of our bowlers bowl honor scores. Chris Rose shot his 60th 300 and had a series of 824 in the first set of three games. Aidan Castrence shot a 298 to start the series and ended the first three games with series score of 812. Jasmine Coleman ended her fourth game with a 300. Jeff Kegyes ended the second set of three games with a series of 809.

Many of our first time guests to bowl in the 300/800 invitational Tournament finished well. Steve Davis, who shot his first 800 last winter season, finished 5th in the scratch division. Sammy Hoffman shot his first 300 this November, he finished 5th in the handicap division. Richard Flores finished 9th in the handicap division, he shot his first 300 last December, just missing last years tournament. Jasmine Coleman placed 10th in the scratch division. There were only three women in the tournament. Jasmine was the only one that placed this year.

This year we had two juniors that bowled in the tournament, Haley Woodard and Johnathan Maragos. They both did very well in the tournament Haley placed 18th in the handicap division and Johnathan placed 11th in the handicap division.

Gary Lee place 1st in the Scratch Division with a 6 game series of 1531. Chris Rose shot a series of 1515 and finished in 2nd place in the scratch division. David Hepperle finished 3rd with a series of 1470. And Kevin Amodo shot a series of 1467 finishing in 4th. In the Scratch division Aidan Castrence finished 1st with a six game series of 1641. Dave Reyes shot a series of 1599 finishing 2nd in the handicap division. Finishing 3rd in the handicap division was Keith Burgad with a series of 1537. And finishing in 4th place was Kawika Sodaria with a series of 1529.

Little Swiss December 27, 2014

Winners of Little Swiss




4th Place: Florence

Senia Juarez

Zackary Florence

Keith Freeman


5th Place: Schaal

jacob Motas

Sara Nassberg

Pam Schaal




1st Place: Shelby

Brogan Keener-Shelby

Dougie Rivinius

Joe Shelby


2nd Place: Mathews

Joey Mathews

Mike Mathews

Thomas Tilley


3rd Place: Rose

Brooklin Mathews

Emily Rose

Johnny Rose