2016 Events Little Swiss January 3, 2016

Winners of Little Swiss




4th Place: Pierce

Max Dumpit

Lane Pierce

Stacy Pierce


5th Place: The Strike Gals

Darci Bussman

Liliana Diaz

Barbara Bussman




1st Place: Chuck's Hamburgers

Tyler Wheatcraft

Skyler Wheatcraft

Steve Grant


2nd Place: N-Trouble Too

Joey Mathews

Nate McAlister

Janet Rose


3rd Place: I Don't Know

Joey Irvin

Sara Nassberg

Pam Schaal

Mexican American Tournament January 16, 2016

Winners of Mexican American

Team Event




Winners of Mexican American

Doubles Event




2nd Place: Garber

Alan Taylor

Joanne Gonzalez

Bonnie Garber

Will Garber

Wayne Garber


4th Place: Stokes

Rob Caselli

Jenny Jarvis

Damon Gress

Kristen Stokes

Chad Hasenbuhler


6th Place: Morris

Cal Moppins Jr

Lisa Moppins

Anna George

Matt Martinez

Travis Morris


8th Place: Carrillo

Sophia Loredo

Ricardo Ferrer

Enrique Ferrer

Sylvia Williams

Sammy Carrillo



2nd Place:           1529

Deanna Merlos

Mario Padilla


4th Place:            1477

Brenda Lewman

Aubrey Lewman


6th Place:            1443

Maria Wainwright

Andre Wainwright


8th Place:            1439

Bonnie Garber

Wayne Garber


10th Place:          1437

Mary Morales

Rich Canada


1st Place: Turkey Hunters

Brenda Lewman

Connie Kendall

Robert Flores Jr

Aubrey Lewman

Jack Kendall


3rd Place: Pound Town

Joseph Ramirez

DeAnna Merlos

Edna Deroy

Cody Sinor

Mario Padilla


5th Place: Silva

Richard Silva

Sherri Lund

April Walker

Roger Sable

Ryan Piper


7th Place: NUEZCA

Roger Nuezca

Lori Nisby

Rolly Nuezca

Juanita French

Will Nuezca


9th Place: Morales

Al Prasad

Ed Medrano

Stephany Walton

Mary Morales

Rich Canada

1st Place:          1550

Stacie Salgado

Alex Cavero


3rd Place:         1494

Stephany Walton

Joe Goldstein


5th Place:          1446

Alison Jones

Matthew Jackson


7th Place:          1441

Christina Najera

Rolly Nuezca


9th Place:          1437

Deborah Hosam

Scott Hansel


  • 10:00 AM Team Event

  • 1:30 PM Doubles Event

  • 5:00 PM Team Event

Winners of Irish Doubles




6th Place: Agardy/Humphries

Michael Agardy

Elwood Humphries


7th Place: Ramage/Swope

Robert Ramage

Ben Swope


8th Place: Kamp/Kamp

Aaron Kamp Sr.

Jon Kamp Sr.


9th Place: Kay/Rourke

Victor Kay

Cyndie Rourke


10th Place: Thomson/Thomson

Ashley Thomson

Scotty Thomson


1st Place: Ramirez/Padilla

Joe Ramirez

Mario Padilla


2nd Place: Stone/O'Connell

Rich Stone

Sean O'Connell


3rd Place: Kegyes/Kegyes

Skip Kegyes

Jeff Kegyes


4th Place: Knuckles Deep

Jared Rivera

Andre Bylsma


5th Place: Rose/Hepperle

Janet Rose

Amy Hepperle

St. Patty's Irish Doubles Tournament March 13, 2016
Big Bang June 26, 2016

2016 Big Bang!




Champion: LeBron Jaaaames!

Kevin Amodo

Aidan Castrence

Arnel Castrence

2nd Place: Pop, Snap & BOOM

Larry Dyson

Mike Nuanes

Richard Silva

3rd Place: Dude Abides

Robert Ferrara

Percy Maragos

Dave Bolles

4th Place: Team 22

John Garcia

Peter Garcia

Alex Cavero

5th Place: Unbeatables

Edna Takahashi

Aubrey Lewman

Robert Flores Jr

6th Place: Team 7

Larry Noble

Rich Canada

Tom Roberts























Outlaw July 13, 2016

2016 Outlaw!




Champion: Yabadabadoo

Elwood Humphries

Floyd Ford

Victor Kay

2nd Place: Gunslingers

Aaron Reed

Wayne Hill

Tony Hill

3rd Place: Dude Abides

Bruce Turner

Charles Jones

Ricky Silva

4th Place: Team 22

Wilmer Rafanan

Jay Devera

Jessie Cabais


Big Kahuna August 20, 2016

Winners of the Big Kahuna




Scratch Tournament

1st Place: Bryan Katt

2nd Place: Tom Roberts

3rd Place: James Seales Jr

4th Place: Larry Dyson

5th Place: Kioni Sodaria

6th Place: Logan Davis

7th Place: Matt Martinez

8th Place: James Seales

Handicap Tournament

1st Place: Chris Hackett

2nd Place: William Kearney

3rd Place:  Tim Stevens

4th Place: Jay Roberts

5th Place: Elwood Humphries

6th Place: Sharliene Hackett

7th Place: Joe Bishop

8th Place: Brad Stenger

9th Place: Floyd Ford

10th Place: Joe Escove

Handicap Tournament

Scratch Tournament

Big T's Shootout September 11, 2016

2016 Big T's Shootout!




Champion: Team 6

Robert Ferrera

Chuck Quiring

Lana Trantham

Dave Bolles

2nd Place: Team 5

Pete Turner Jr.

Bob Rogan

Bill Rogan

Matt Bergen

3rd Place: Team 11

Liz Martin

Robert Martin

Anthony Sneed

     Ben Martin

4th Place: Team 7

Doug Leeworthy

Brandon Goff

Mike Norton

     Scott Hansel

5th Place: Team 14

Cal Moppins Jr.

Lisa Moppins

Donna Peralta

     Danny Lew

6th Place: Team 21

     Al Olivia IV

     William Kearney

     Roderick Love

     Jared Richardson

7th Place: Team 28

     Joanne Gonzalez

     Kevin Church

     Vic Wagner

     Brian Tomei

8th Place: Team 27

     Sam Hoffman

     Brandon Ente

     Sammy Hoffman

     Kioni Sodaria











































Low Ball November 20, 2016

Winners of Low Ball




4th Place:

Joanne Gonzalez

Ryan Jimenez

Anthony Sneed


5th Place:

Alan Taylor

Jeff Senecal

Kyle Moutray


6th Place:

Ross Widemon

Mini-Me Widemon

Kioni Sodaria

1st Place:

Ed Santos

Johnathan Tanner III

Eric Benz


2nd Place:

Joel Snyder

Nicole Snyder

Jim Dinubilo


3rd Place:

David Fonseca

Nick Groom

Trudy Trovinger



300/800 Invitational December 04, 2016