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When Can my Boy/Girl Bowl?

What are the Age Limits?

How much does it cost?

How Many Games do they Bowl?

We have organized youth league bowling on Monday Nights at 6:00 pm

Family League (adults & youths) on Sundays

We have had as young as 2 and 1/2 (as long as they can get the ball down the lane on there own). 20 years old (by Aug. 1) is the oldest, then they are considered an adult bowler.

The Rising Stars cost $10.00 per week. The Future Stars are only $7.00 per week. And the Shooting Stars cost $13.00 a week

Most youth leagues are three game leagues. Pee wee Bumper League is only two games.

Welcome to Pacific Avenue Bowl and our program for young bowlers...


Pacific Avenue Bowl youth league program has a seasonal format. The winter session runs from September to April and the Summer Session runs from May to August. Each session is a separate league, with team and individual league awards presented at the league awards bowling party. The awards party is usually held on the last week of each session. Bowlers may bowl in one or both sessions.

Active league bowlers are eligible to receive a league bowler discount when open bowling at Pacific Avenue Bowl.

Awards: Awards are issued for individual & team accomplishments. (Awards may consist of: emblems, pins, trophies, or scholarships).

League Fees: Weekly league fees cover: bowling during league, use of PAB's bowling balls and shoe rental (anytime you bowl), league awards/trophies

Registration Fee: A $20.00 registration fee for USBC Youth membership is required to participate in all sanctioned leagues, to be paid the first day of bowling. This membership is valid for one full year (Sept thru Aug). The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) youth is a national bowling organization which governs youth bowling. This USBC Membership sanctions the youth bowlers scoring average for

future tournaments and events, and entitles the youth bowler to special individual awards they may earn on their accomplishments. Note: The Peewee Bumper League will not pay a registration fee.


Absentee Fee: If a youth bowler is absent from league, there is a $2.00 fee for each week absent due on the day the youth bowler returns. (Note: The Scratch League Match Play youth is required to pay a $3.00 absentee fee (in place of the regular fee))

Pre-Bowled or Make- Ups: If a bowler has to miss a week of bowling, the bowler may pre-bowl or make up the games, as long as they have made prior arrangements. Pre-bowls & makeup games will count towards team’s wins and losses. All pre-bowled and/or make-up bowling MUST be cleared through the youth department.

Fundraiser Credit Program: Each youth bowler can raise personal funds through designated fundraising programs. Usually 25% of the net on designated fundraisers for the Pacific Ave Bowl Youth Bowling Program will be credited to the youth bowler collecting the funds. ie: Profit to youth program was $1.00 ($.75 to the youth programs general fund, and $.25 to the individual youth collecting donations...)

Youth bowler’s credits/certificates can be used for bowling tournaments, special events; and/or scholarship credit, as authorized by the program director. Not to be received/issued in cash.

Scholarship Notice: There are many scholarships available, besides out Pacific Avenue Bowl Program. Youth bowlers, please check with the Pacific Ave Bowl Youth Department for details. Information and forms will be made available. Don't wait until it's too late!